Tips for Staying on a Company’s Radar Following an Interview

You were a little nervous, but you felt confident, intelligent and qualified; the interviewer seemed impressed with your resume and answers to her questions… and then the interview ended with, "We have several more candidates to interview, but we’ll be in touch."

Don’t let it get you down; you’re still in the running. Here are a few things you can do to keep your name fresh in their awareness while you wait:

1. A Friendly Follow Up Call

If you haven’t heard back from the company within a week, it’s fair game to place a call yourself and inquire as to the status of things regarding the position for which you interviewed. Be polite but direct; your aim is to convey your genuine interest and enthusiasm for the job. If it turns out they have already hired someone, ask if there are any other positions at the company for which you are qualified.

2. Being Direct

If you were interviewed by an HR department representative who is not responsive to your follow-up calls, consider contacting the head of the department you’re interested in working for directly. While they may just route you back to HR, you might be able to strike up a conversation or at the very least plant a seed with this individual, laying the groundwork for future employment.

3. Keeping Them in the Loop

Another valid reason to reach out to a prospective employer is to send them an updated resume or status report. Even if it’s been weeks or months since your interview, contacting them with your professional update lets them know you’re still interested and keeps you fresh in their awareness.

Empower yourself in your job search by using these tips to stay fresh and relevant in the minds of potential employers.

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