How to Beef Up the Resume

For job hunters seeking their next place of employment, nothing is more important than the resume. The resume details the applicant’s skills and experience in an effort to make a case for why they will be the best fit for a particular position. A common mistake among those looking for employment, however, is the use the same tired resume they have had for years. Taking the time to improve the information before sending it out can help increase the odds of landing an interview and eventually, the job.

Learn new skills

There are a number of skills that job applicants can work on honing that can help to impress prospective employers. There are programs that can make it easy to people to study a new language on their own schedule, and foreign languages are becoming increasingly important in the global world everyone now lives in. It can also be worth looking into online colleges or local community colleges for classes that might relevant to the field. Studying in the evening can show initiative and a desire to succeed within the field while also helping the applicant to improve their marketable skills.

Watch for resume gaps

Gaps in the work history can occur because of a number of different reasons, from unemployment to maternity leave to returning to school. Work to minimize any gaps on the resume by filling them in with studies, volunteering, or other worthwhile activities. Then, when the gap is questioned, the applicant can give honest and productive answers about how they spent their time, which will leave a much better impression.

Consider skill building exercises from all angles

Most people have some sort of hobby or volunteering project on the side. Consider looking for ways to include skills and experiences that are relevant to the workplace but were learned through other areas of life.

Building a resume is the opportunity to show potential employees just what this particular applicant can bring to the position. Use the above ideas to build out the resume and help it stand out from the rest of the pile. It just may be the missing piece to finding that perfect position.

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